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Tarp Repair Tape

Don’t confuse this superior tarp repair tape with duct tape, it’s much more durable and manufactured specifically for tarp repair. This heavy-duty repair tool is made from woven hay tarp fabric, mixed with the best adhesive and easy peel-off tape. Not only is it quick and easy to repair common rips and tears with this tape, but it is also very difficult to remove the tape once adhered. This heavy-duty tape is a repair kit essential to get maximum long-term performance from Inland Tarp & Liner® tarps.

This tarp repair tape is the standard for tarp leasing companies, professional hay producers, and exporters around the world.

This heavy-duty repair tape is available in white, silver and black.


Are Performer™ and Bull Flex™ Tarp Systems Interchangeable?

No. Performer™ Hay tarping systems are specifically designated for use in hay and straw stacking. Bull Flex™ tarps are mult-purpose and can not only be used to cover hay but also farm equipment, an RV, wood piles, and much more.

Can I use the same Performer™ tarp on both round and square bales?

No. Performer™ Hay tarping systems are specifically designed to fit either round or square bales and we offer options for both bale shapes. If you need more help with sizing, our friendly customer service representatives are a click or call away!