Bull Flex(TM) Square Bale Tie-Down Kit (18 Foot Rope)


The key to any hay tarping system is its tie down method. Our patented Super Cinch™ combined with a UV stable, rot-resistant quarter-inch poly rope make this kit the ultimate fastening device for our Performer™  and Bull Flex™ hay tarps. Each kit comes with everything needed to secure a 52 foot long hay tarp. Round and square bale kits are designed differently so be sure to get the right tie-down kit for the bale shape.

It’s very important to periodically check the hay tarp and make sure all the ropes are guitar-string tight. With our tie-down kits and our patented Super Cinch™ , the ability to adjust the tie down assembly is quick and easy, thereby avoiding the hassle of slip knots that come undone, ropes that freeze or ratchet fasteners requiring wrenches.

Each square bale tie-down kit comes with:

  • 40-18 foot ropes
  • 40-J-hooks
  • 40-Super Cinch™
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