Black Max UV Rope – 2300 Coil


Black Max™ UV Rope, rope used in our own hay tarp installation kits,  is specially-formulated for superior strength and high resistance against sunlight deterioration, abrasion, and rot. At 1/4″ black rope with a silver tracer, Black Max™ is designed to fit our patented Super Cinch™ tie-down kits. For replacement rope, we can’t top the Black Max™ UV Rope.

If buying a new Performer™ Hay Tarp, this rope is already included with our patented tie-down system and will arrive pre-attached. If buying a Bull Flex™, our best multi-purpose tarp, tie-down kits with this rope would be purchased separately.

Available in 2,300′ coils. A round bale tarp typically uses about 600′ of rope and square bale tarps use from 500′ to 800′ depending on the tarp size.

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