45 ft x 48 ft Performer(TM) Hay Tarp (Round Bale)


The Performer™ Hay Tarp is designed for the most demanding conditions.

Performer™ Hay Tarps are made from UV resistant 17 mil white/black polyethylene material. The tarp comes pre-assembled with optimally spaced sections (based on tarp size) of sleeved PVC pipes along the length, UV stable rot-resistant poly rope, and our patented Super Cinch™ tie-down system. It will arrive ready to deploy.

It’s very important to periodically check the hay tarp and make sure all the ropes are guitar-string tight. With our tie-down kits and our patented Super Cinch™, the ability to adjust the tie down assembly is quick and easy, thereby avoiding the hassle of slip knots that come undone, ropes that freeze or ratchet fasteners requiring wrenches.

We manufacture a wide range of sizes to fit almost any stacking pattern.

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Warranty on materials, workmanship and UV Degradation – Read more here.

Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 28 × 23 in