12 ft x 48 ft Hay Stack Side Curtain


Inland Tarp & Liner® Hay Stack Side Curtains are made from premium 15 mil 6.5oz Silver/White polyethylene fabric. Heavy duty twine is fastened around the perimeter at approximately 8′ spacing. When installing the side curtains, the twine is fastened to bales on the top and sides of the hay stack to stretch guitar-string tight.

Hay Stack Side Curtains are a must, particularly if purchasing underlayment, to guard against water accumulation inside the underlayment. The Hay Stack Side Curtain comes down over the underlayment and is then anchored in place by tying a Performer™ Hay Tarp to anchor straps positioned under the stack.

Inland Tarp & Liner® Hay Stack Side Curtains have become an increasingly popular option not only for large commercial hay operations, particularly in the west where much of the hay is exported, but also for feed store hay, feed lots, and farms. Our Hay Stack Side Curtains are optimally purchased with Inland Tarp & Liner® Performer™ Hay Tarps or Bull Flex™ Hay Tarps, and Underlayment.

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