Bull Flex™ Hay Tarp

The Bull Flex™ Hay Tarp is not just for storing hay, but the best multi-purpose, high-strength cover with fitted, reinforced ends.

The Bull Flex™ is the ideal multi-purpose cover for all your tarping needs. It can be used for tarping hay, (round bale or square bale), farm equipment, wood piles, or even an RV.

Made from premium UV resistant polyethylene material, (also rot, mold and mildew resistant) and ultra-strong tie-down tabs, the tarp is designed for 3-5 years of use when installed and cared for properly. Our reinforced webbing tie-downs every three feet are three times stronger than traditional grommets. Each end of this cover has 2″ seatbelt webbing in sewn pockets to secure the tarp ends from wind damage. The Bull Flex™ also has an innovative pocket design for inserting your own PVC pipe down the length if desired.

The Bull Flex™ is great for tarping round or square bale hay stacks of all sizes. For best performance, the Bull Flex™ is optimally paired with our patented Super Cinch™ tie-down installation kits. When ordering the Super Cinch™ tie-down kit, be sure to select the kit designed to match your bale shape.

We feel so strongly about the Bull Flex™ that we back that up with an extended warranty on materials, workmanship, and UV degradation.


Tarp dimensions are always listed width and then by length.

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Tarp dimensions are always listed width and then by length.

Bull Flex hay tarp configuration to assist you in buying the right sized hay tarp for you stack.
Bull Flex™ Hay Tarp for Round Bales Chart – based on bale diameter and stack configuration, see quick suggestions for tarp size recommendations.
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